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'Nothing can take away my glamour' 

The Hindu , Aug 10, 2018

“I want the world,” declared Priyanka Chopra at an interactive sessionorganised by FICCI Ladies Organisation at Taj Palace in New Delhi. Speaking on the theme “Challenging the Status Quo and Forging New Paths”, the Quantico star said, “Modern women want to make their own choices without being judged. It is a privilege men have enjoyed for a long time.” The actor was in conversation with senior journalist Vir Sanghvi and Pinky Reddy, President, FLO.

Talking about her journey from Bollywood to Hollywood, Priyanka said that she believed in destiny. “Opportunities come everybody’s way; the smart thing is to recognise them. I recognised one in music. People in America recognised my efforts and welcomed me into the industry. I knew that even if I am a star in a country where one-fifth of the world population lives, it does not mean that the world should know me. I had no qualms in introducing myself.” Terming her new endeavours as an extension of her career, she recalled how the offer to play an FBI agent in Qunatico came her way.

“I was shooting for Gunday . I was not sure of doing television because it demanded longer commitments than films. Also, it was my first audition after doing more than 50 movies in India, and I was very nervous. I told myself that when one-fifth of the world's population thinks that I am talented then kuchh toh hoga (there must be something),” she chuckled.

She stressed upon under-representation of South Asians in film and television industry in the west.

“As a teenager, when I was studying in the US, I didn’t find any Indian in mainstream television in a leading role. They would only be sidekicks or were fulfilling a stereotypical role. I did not want that my ethnicity decide the role for me. I told ABC (television network) that do not come to me with a role that puts me in a box.” She was sure of an American name for her character. “I had to really work on the accent as I had to convince Americans that I am an American.”

On her famed fighting spirit, Priyanka said, “I didn’t have a father who would say – ‘let me make a movie for you.’ I had to choose from what I had been offered. I never feel a sense of entitlement. I hide my nervousness and I hate failure as it makes me miserable.”

Now, her role of the mother of an 18-year-old girl in Shonali Bose's The Sky Is Pink is making news . It is based on the life of motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary and her struggle with pulmonary fibrosis. “I am playing a real-life character after Mary Kom . I have started writing the character bible, met her mother and am excited about it. It is a beautiful story about a child and celebration of life. Many people say that playing a mother can take away the glamour but I keep saying that nothing can take away my glamour,” laughed the sure-footed star.