Kerala, the Gods Own Country is the tiny state situated at the Southern end of India with an area of 38,863 Sq. Km. and with a population of 3.33Crores.The state has many advantages such as 94% literacy rate, life expectancy of 74%, English is widely spoken and understood, high per capita income, availability of skilled manpower, three international Airports, (New Int. Airport at Kannur will be opened in 2018) and 18 Sea ports including one International Container Transhipment Terminal at Kochi. (New ICTT at Vizhinjam under construction) The State has second highest teledensity in India, communication gateway in Kochi with two high speed submarine cables landing offering 15 Gbps bandwidth. The State is one of the few States in India with negligible power cuts and electricity tariff is very low compared to most other Indian States.
  • The important sectors of growth and investment in Kerala are Food & Agro Sector, IT & Electronics, Health Care Services, Ayurveda Medicines, Tourism, Retailing, Plantations, Logistics, Education & Knowledge Sector and Infrastructure sectors.
  • SME sectors are the real power house of Kerala’s development. Kerala's investments in its people have made its people one of the state's most lucrative exports: About three million Keralites work mainly in Persian Gulf countries, Canada, US, Europe & Australia. The biggest contributor has been the remittance of NRKs (Non Resident Keralites)
  • The biggest challenge for Kerala is to channelize the resources from NRKs to productive usage and economic development rather than to unproductive sectors. Kerala needs massive investment in infrastructure. Kerala has abundance of high literate and qualified manpower resources, which needs to be utilized in the State through promoting more entrepreneurship.



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